In discovery there is no room for error, we provide large scale legal document reviews, driven by time and budget constraints. We take pride in completing defensible review projects on time and on budget.

Corporations are forced into litigation more often than they should be. Cases can be won or lost on expedient availability of evidence.


Dedicated Teams

We enable corporations to be ready when such time comes. Generally a document review attorney would not know about a technical aspects of the product in litigation and have minimal understanding of the technology involved. We pre-train our attorneys in your technology and make them available to work on your case on a very short notice. 

Subsequent to first-tier review and production, we identify top-performing review attorneys from the review team who are retained to do follow-on tasks. Our team performs privilege review, creates privilege log, and does substantial fact research and evidentiary work to prepare you for depositions, motion practice, and trial.

We devote our attorneys solely to your project, that way we are uniquely capable of creating best defensible work product faster and at a lower cost. To further ensure dedication to your company, we ensure that our review team is trained on the review protocol, the technology at issue, and that the documents are reviewed and produced on time and on budget.

We are a team of ediscovery attorneys experienced in document review and ediscovery practices. At Codex, ediscovery is all we do, from litigation hold, retention, data analysis, running a computer assisted review, predictive coding, linear review, all the way to production… we do it all.

Codex provides experienced teams which are fully equipped to successfully conduct document review in a small or large scale litigations including but not limited to antitrust litigation; IP licensing and litigation; commercial litigation; contract disputes; FTC, DOJ, EU and other regulatory and internal investigations; foreign language reviews; pharmaceutical litigation; product liability cases; trade secret litigation; employment related cases; depo-prep and class actions.

At Codex to get reliable results expediently, we divide the review process into three different stages i.e. Analytics, Review and Production phases.

Our data analysts and engineers analyze and narrow down your review universe to an extremely relevant review population; our Review attorneys legally analyze documents for relevancy, issue spotting, privilege, privacy, PII, source code and sensitive business information–quality controlled by specially trained privilege, privacy and source code teams– and our Production team prepare the documents for production running the last checkpoint to prevent NR or privileged documents from being produced.

Codex focuses exclusively on ediscovery and every aspect of it.

To meet your business privacy needs, we deploy Codex review teams at your site and conduct review on your servers. Your sensitive data never leaves your site and stays secure within your internal network and firewalls.

We also conduct ediscovery at our site. Codex provides fully dedicated, secured by the state-of-the-art technology & fully integrated facility and equipment to house your document review. Its total hassle-free solution for you, with no need to sign a new lease, no need to order dedicated and adequate bandwidth, no need to buy computers, desks, chairs, and ergonomic supplies, and no need to utilize shared office space solutions.

Our fully equipped document review facilities provide high levels of physical, data and network security. Our high speed broadband capacity reduces latency and maximizes review attorney’s productivity with minimum downtime.

Codex provide experienced review attorneys who can complete any ediscovery project on a secure online review platform. This is ideal for a very large scale ediscovery projects where the review needs to be conducted around the clock and in a multi-jurisdictions, national or international, matter.

Codex helps enterprises to preserve, collect, process, cull and analyze ESI as part of eDiscovery and internal or regulatory investigations. Today’s litigious and hyper-regulatory business environment requires the ability to respond to events quickly, accurately and consistently. We can drastically reduce traditional collection and processing costs, stay within the timelines and get to the heart of any matter instantly with the ability to analyze ESI before, during and after collection. Our practices reduce your risks associated with evidence spoliation by thorough, defensible preservation and collection process.

Our project leads and case managers are accountable, responsive and  experienced in ediscovery matters. Our Project Managers are attorneys with hands-on experience managing complex review projects. They work closely with you and help you establish standards for accuracy, productivity, and timeliness. Our managers will assist you to increase reviewers’ quality and productivity by refining the search term, taking out noise words, applying appropriate exclusions and by refining the issue tree.

We compile and maintain document review protocols and a decision log to ensure uniformity of reviewers’ decisions. We provide overall coordination of projects; track daily and weekly progress against project’s goals, publish comprehensive project report at conclusion of project and create environment that maximizes productivity.