In today’s tech-hypered environment, electronic discovery costs roughly about 75% of the litigation budget in most large scale matters. Headquartered in the heart of the Silicon Valley, Codex.Legal  provides e-discovery and document review services, better quality but at fractions of that cost. We incorporate e-discovery practices that are defensible and readily acceptable in Federal and state courts. We provide e-discovery and document review services in every state, federal, EU, and most Asian courts.

Codex.Legal was founded upon principles of highest level of integrity and accountability; and led by professionals who have designed, managed and lead large-scale e-discovery projects in various type of litigation including intellectual property, M&A, antitrust and compliance projects.

Large Scale Discovery and Our Commitment

At Codex.Legal, we understand the challenges Corporations and litigation practitioners face when responding to a large-scale discovery requests. There is a humongous pressure to curtail the litigation expense while maintaining the integrity and defensibility of document production, we commit to our clients to share these concerns and provide the most cost-effective e-discovery solutions while maintaining the quality of the work product. We retain highly qualified and experienced legal professionals to optimize productivity.

Codex.Legal is focused on e-discovery and that is the only area of law we practice; however, we keep up-to-date with every aspects of law, regulations and case law that may affect your matter. Our 100% transparent and accountable e-discovery practices are defensible and of high quality.