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Corporate-Structure to IPO and Beyond:

At Codex.Legal we provide forward-thinking commercial advice to businesses on the full spectrum of their corporate matters. Codex.Legal is fully equipped to represent companies at all stages in the corporate life cycle, from incorporation to stock options, stock plans, board meetings, shareholder meeting, ongoing corporate legal formalities, employment contract, executive compensation packages, contracts with customers, vendor setups, angel investing, SAFE, Promissory Notes, Series Seed, VC funding, to all the way to the IPO, while keeping our clients ready to receive funding from angel investors, VC using various funding vehicles.



The Firm advises companies keeping all aspects of corporate business in mind, including, corporate transactions, M&A, Contracts, securities regulation, compensation, benefits, employment, IP, data protection, antitrust, and regulatory compliance.

Codex.Legal offers a comprehensive range of legal document preparation services at highly competitive rates, ensuring affordability without compromising on quality.

We believe in an efficient execution and pragmatic advice – not only in the context of major transactions, but also in supporting a company’s day-to-day operations, employment and equity compensation, and HR compliance.

When our clients become the biggest promotors of our services, to us, it is a true measure of success.

Codex.Legal advises on various aspects of nonprofit orgs, including formation, management, and compliance. The firm serves as general counsel and assists the Board of Directors on reasonable compensation and other legal matters. In addition, we advise clients to obtain nonprofit status under various subsections of Section 501(c), and coordinate with CPAs to file federal (990) and state returns (199) and help stay compliant with various Federal and State regulations.

As your legal partner we understand your business and your market. Our M&A team helps our clients answer the questions in the context of a wide range of strategic combinations and investments in startups, mid-size firms, and large enterprises.

Codex.Legal regularly assists clients in all facets of transactions including contracts, licensing, MSAs, MPSAs, technology licensing and transfer and electronic commerce matters. From designing SaaS arrangement, to minimizing liability exposure, the law firm regularly works with businesses to build their enterprises.

Codex.Legal excels in crafting technology licensing agreements and offering comprehensive legal consulting services tailored to our clients’ needs in the realm of technology licensing.

We assist clients in creating contracting structures that balance negotiation friction and deal risk. Our goal is to ensure that our clients remain well-prepared for the next stage of their ventures.

At Codex.Legal, we advise companies, who need to access the capital markets, at every stage of their development and growth. We guide clients through the different stages of the life of a company and craft financing solutions.

At Codex.Legal, we offer advice in financial transactions from the single-lender corporate loans, SAFEs, seed series investments to all the way to the heavily structured syndicated transactions with a tailored advice to our clients’ specific needs.

Recently, we advised several of our Silicon Valley high-tech and biosciences clients on their multi-million-dollar pre-seed, SAFE, funding through Note with exclusivity agreement, and seed funding rounds.

The law firm advises clients in their employment matters in various industries, including, high-tech, biotech, retail, finance and professional services sectors. We focus on disposing of complex employment disputes long before trial.

We bring deep subject area knowledge in areas most important to employers, including wage and hours disputes, FEHA violations, discrimination and failure to prevent discrimination, sexual harassment and failure to prevent harassment, wrongful termination, intentional infliction of emotional distress, defamation etc. and employees’ fiduciary duties to employers including the duty to care and duty of loyalty.

We help our clients to avoid the courtroom as our first priority to resolve the matter. We conduct investigations and audits, draft employment policies, and tailor executive compensation agreements.

Your ability to obtain, retain and engage top talent ensures your company’s success. We design and implement the most attractive compensation arrangements and we work with clients on compensation & benefits matters.

We partner with our clients’ finance, stock administration and HR teams to provide efficient solutions in the executive compensation, employment & equity compensation, executive employment and separation agreements, as well as executives’ employment and benefits in case of an IPOs or M&A.

We bring a decisive edge to your intellectual property, including Copyright, Trademark, trade secrets, false advertising and business practices with expertise across a broad range of IP matters.

Our Clients count on us for refined counsel during development of cutting-edge products, for mastery of the latest in nuanced legal doctrine in obtaining registrations. With our help, the emerging companies can develop a strong IP portfolios and future growth strategies.

The innovative companies need to protect their intellectual property and defend their brands. We help owners of IP rights realize the value of their innovation, while guiding them through the minefield of licensing practices and infringement actions.

In discovery there is no room for error, we provide large scale legal document reviews, driven by time and budget constraints. We take pride in completing defensible review projects within forecasted time and budget.

Corporations are forced into litigation more often than they should be. Cases can be won or lost on expedient availability of evidence. We enable corporations to be ready when such time comes. Our team performs, linear review as well as reviews with predictive coding and technology assisted reviews. We also ensure a privilege review, creates privilege log, and do substantial fact research and evidentiary work to prepare you for depositions, motion practice, and trial.

We devote our review attorneys solely to your project, that way we are uniquely capable of creating best defensible work product faster and at a lower cost. To further ensure dedication to your company, we ensure that our review team is trained on the review protocol, the technology at issue, and that the documents are reviewed and produced on time.

Our data analysts and engineers analyze and narrow down your review universe to an extremely relevant review population; our review attorneys legally analyze documents for relevancy, issue spotting, privilege, privacy, PII, source code and sensitive business information–quality controlled by specially trained privilege, privacy and source code teams– and our Production team prepares the documents for production running the last checkpoint to prevent NR or privileged documents from being produced.

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