eDiscovery – Start to Finish

Codex.Legal provides services in every phase of your e-discovery and review project. The e-discovery requires the collection, processing and analysis of terabytes of data electronically stored and sometimes it involves a complex combination of a multitude of fragmented technologies and service providers, adding risks and costs to the e-discovery.

Codex.Legal’s best-in-industry e-discovery practice puts you firmly in control of your data, your budget, and your litigation and review strategy.


You do what you do best, litigation, let the Codex ediscovery team amplify your legal skills with flexible workflows and best-in-class analytics, review attorneys and production team. We simplify the burden of managing the ediscovery process for you.

We utilize best in the industry review platforms with analytics tools to find exactly what you’re looking for – faster and reliably – eliminating the variables that lead to time and cost risks.

Codex uses very advanced ediscovery platforms to empower your legal team to massively reduce litigation costs, lower risks and equip your case strategies with early insights. At Codex we simplify data collections and dramatically reduce review volumes with the most advanced technology for culling and early case assessment. Codex puts you in control by covering every phase of your review project, from Legal Hold, to ECA & Collection, to Review & Analysis and production and to all the way to post-production activities. Our ediscovery practices enable you to execute an informed discovery management and case strategy.

Our experienced review attorneys can run a court sanctioned predictive coding project or just use it to prioritize the review and find key documents faster and reliability.

We adopt a collection process that locates, crawls, indexes and collects information from virtually any enterprise data source. We can conduct live explorations of ESI before collection, to quickly and efficiently preserve potentially relevant data. Thereafter, we sample and assess the potentially relevant ESI.

We implement strategies to avoid the risk of failure to preserve and spoliation of evidence and ensure that litigation holds are timely issued, acknowledged and tracked.